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Ninja Philosophy of Ichigu Wo Terasu 隅を照らす

ninja philosophy

Ninjutsu, like many martial arts, is one branch from a deeply rooted tree in ancient Buddhist religious philosophy and practice. The movement was preceded by the word which resonates when the movement is pure. Just as there are many movements, there are many supporting ninja philosophy that allow the practitioner to transcend the physical, mental and […]

The Ninja Stomach Vacuum

stomach vacuum

The complex movement of armed and unarmed budō taijutsu require both hypermobility and hyperflexion. In the beginning stages, it seems like the more force one uses, the farther away they are from performing the technique correctly. Have you ever heard your instructor say that the technique can be done using no force at all? But removing […]

Vital Knowledge of Japanese Kyūsho in Martial Arts

japanese kyūsho

Japanese kyūsho are specific areas or pressure points on the human body that send pain and other signals to the brain when stimulated in a certain way. Martial artists long ago mastered and integrated this knowledge with style and form, transmitting it’s secrets through the lineages of Japanese martial arts. Martial artists in the know […]

The Universal Flow of Reiki


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healthy flow of energy as well as healing. The name of the art is composed of a two syllable Japanese word meaning Rei (Universal) and Ki (life force).  The first syllable can also be translated as “the Higher Power.” Life Force Energy Flow […]

The Mystery of Kuji Kiri Revealed


Nine syllables, also referred to as ‘’The Nine Hands Seals’’ or ‘’The Nine Cuts’’ are hand positions used in Ninjutsu as a process of ritual and meditation called Kuji Kiri. Outside of the Shinobi culture they are sometimes called “The Ninja Secret Hand Signs.” This should not be surprising given that many areas of the art […]

Junan Taiso: The Yoga of Ninjutsu

junan taiso

When you think of Ninjutsu, Yoga may not be the first term that pops in to your head. Martial arts, as we know them in the Western world, were born out of yoga, which was born out of meditation. Although martial disciplines have diversified drastically since the time of Price Bodhidharma, they all share a common core of […]

Brainpower: The Secret to the Survival of Our Species


Have you ever wondered how some human beings experience incredible physical traumas only to emerge completely unscathed? Or how an individual can be lost at sea or trapped in some compromising situation for months or years, and turn up, not just alive, but relatively healthy? Pushing The Limits The groundbreaking 2008 series special called “Human […]

Harnessing Ki Energy: May the Force be with You

ki energy

The term “ki” refers to the invisible “life force” within one’s own body and encompasses the energy of the universe. When its power is harnessed it can be used for healing, protection or generating force, all of which are important skills to have across most martial art disciplines, but are imperative to a shinobi. “Ki” […]

Feeding the Inner Ninja

ninja gear

In a more ancient time, shinobi followed a strict diet to maintain a slim physique to carry out missions of espionage and many other tasks. These things would be difficult if you were a very large person. Shinobi camouflaged themselves in the enemy’s presence for days or even weeks while they gathered information or performed […]

Fitness, Sparring and Cross-Training in Ninjutsu Exclusive Interview with AKBAN Academy

akban ninjutsu

The endless amount of skills and techniques in the Bujinkan curriculum undoubtedly demand an exhorbinant amount of time to learn and retain, but to really master the art a student must also meet the taxing physical responsibilities of the movements and mindset.

Matrix Style Movement in Ninjutsu

ninjutsu training

As practitioners of Ninjutsu, we all want to be able to disappear. When I first saw The Matrix, I was astounded to see the characters in the movie move in ways that seemed unnatural. I knew it was a movie, but I couldn’t help but wonder, is it possible to really move the body in ways that were superhuman.