Mission: To cultivate authentic Ninjutsu

Shinobi Exchange began with the intention of centralizing the search for authentic Ninjutsu history, weapons, clothing, training, and information about Ninjutsu or Ninpo. Zenformation for the Modern Shinobi. Shinobi Exchange provides an arena for Ninjutsu practitioners and enthusiasts to share their information and experiences with the art, connect with Shinobi all over the world, and provide access to authentic Ninjutsu gear in one location.

ninja costumeHow many times have you looked online for Shinobi or Ninja related information and found tons cinema-related stereotypical references? I know you’ve seen the guy with the ninja costume posed like Spider Man caught in headlights when you searched for Ninjutsu gi. When I began practicing Ninjutsu, it was a challenge for me to find a quality gi and weapons. Most martial art supply websites and companies carry a limited amount of authentic Ninjutsu gear and supplies.

I could be wrong, but I’ve never seen anyone at my dojo or in any other dojo online or in Japan who wore the famous ninja costume you see being sold on may martial arts websites. I’m sure it’s happened to someone before, and I can only imagine what he or she probably thought as they walked into the dojo, “Wow, I’m that guy or girl. (Please feel free to share that story if this is you). Not only is the art of Ninjutsu shrouded in mystery and secrecy, so is acquiring much of the training gear and weapons.

Sure, ninja stars are everywhere, but where do you go to find an authentic Ninjutsu gi, hanbo, gi, jo, yari, or Iaitō? While we’re passionate about all martial arts, the art of Ninjutsu is the main topic of discussion, in particular 9 Schools. That doesn’t mean you won’t find stuff about other arts on Shinobi Exchange. All martial arts borrow from their neighboring arts; even distant cousin arts if necessary.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Shinobi Exchange and we thank you in advance for making this site a premier source of all things Ninjutsu.

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