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Are you interested in sharing an article or review, promoting your school, etc.? I’m open to it! We’re always looking for content relevant and beneficial to Ninjutsu practitioners.

How to submit your guest post:

We’re open to accepting guest posts from writers on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Once the content requirements for that week/bi-week/month are filled, any remaining contributions will be scheduled for the following month.

If you fail to communicate a missed deadline or changes to content, this could result in your spot being revoked and/or given to another contributor. There will be a lot of lee-way given in any situation where communication has been established. We are all about flexibility and we’re willing to make adjustments.

How to apply to be a regular contributor or guest poster – please follow carefully to avoid delays

Send an email to: contributor@shinobiexchange.com – subject: “Content Contributor Application”

  • Your preferred posting frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one-time)
  • Please include a short bio about yourself and a link to your blog or website if applicable
  • Reason(s) why we should accept your application along with 3 article ideas and sample titles
  • Include links to samples of your writing skills
  • Include your Twitter or Facebook ID (if applicable)

Writing Guidelines–  please follow carefully to avoid delays

Your content must be original. Translation: We request that you have not and will not publish that same piece of content on your own blog or website or reuse it in any way on another blog or website. If we discover that this has happened, you will no longer be able to submit content for Shinobi Exchange.

  • All posts must be written in Standard American English.
  • Relevancy is key. Your content must be relevant to practitioners and enthusiasts of Ninjutsu in some form or fashion.
  • You may not use this content anywhere else on the web. You may make announcements about the guest post and provide link to the content on Shinobi Exchange.
  • You may include up to 3 links in the submission that are relevant resources to the article or topic discussed.
  • You must include a bio with your submission (2-3 sentences) that may contain 1 link to your site or social media profile.
  • Please do not include affiliate codes or referral links in your post(s).

You will receive full credit for your article. In the event we discover typos or grammatical errors, by submitting your post to Shinobi Exchange, you agree with and grant permission to us to make those changes. All profanity will be edited out.

We also reserve the right to add links to related content on this site.

Domo Arigato Gozaimatsu

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