What Makes Hemp Amazing

hemp history

Hemp has probably been around since the beginning of time. It’s more than sustainable and for a plant with a rapid growth rate, hemp can be transformed into food, health and beauty products, paper, textiles, concrete for housing, auto parts, livestock feed and the list is too great to complete in this post.

We recently released our Hemp Ninjutsu Gi here at Shinobi Exchange. This fabric was chosen for it’s superior quality and unmatched resiliency. Ninjutsu teaches survival by using the most effective and efficient means. Hemp provides us with a unique opportunity to help the planet survive and to have the best martial arts gi possible as we enjoy it.

Here is an informative video chronicling hemp’s role in the world and American history shown through brief segments of lively animation using archival imagery to discuss the importance of hemp during Colonial times through the World War II era and it’s eventual classification as a substance one narcotic, even though the oil, seed and fiber varieties of industrial hemp cannot be used as a drug and can be sold legally.

The History of HEMP

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