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The Crow, Ninja Mascot

ninja crow

If Ninjutsu had a mascot, it would definitely be the crow. In Ninja culture one representation of the crow is a mythical Japanese creature called the Tengu. The crow is also a symbol of strength, they never forget a face, can be trained for war, and have been known to eat humans. Mythological Crow In Asian culture, […]

Origin of the Martial Arts Uniform – KeikoGi


The dojo is humid with the sweat and strength of students and teachers, diligently repeating drills over and over again to perfection. Their faces glow with the determination of masters hundreds of years gone. The art is passed down generation to generation through words, weapons and warrior spirit. Each student follows their own path to […]

The Anatomy of Kamae

ninjutsu kamae

Anyone practicing Ninjutsu or any other traditional Japanese martial art has probably heard the word Kamae (構え). In Ninjutsu, Kamae are the stances used in combat, martial practice, and daily life. It’s a Japanese term used in other martial arts and traditional theater that roughly translates as “posture” or “base”. Kamae is to be differentiated from […]

Harnessing Ki Energy: May the Force be with You

ki energy

The term “ki” refers to the invisible “life force” within one’s own body and encompasses the energy of the universe. When its power is harnessed it can be used for healing, protection or generating force, all of which are important skills to have across most martial art disciplines, but are imperative to a shinobi. “Ki” […]

Feeding the Inner Ninja

ninja gear

In a more ancient time, shinobi followed a strict diet to maintain a slim physique to carry out missions of espionage and many other tasks. These things would be difficult if you were a very large person. Shinobi camouflaged themselves in the enemy’s presence for days or even weeks while they gathered information or performed […]